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Olmsted Falls offers ZERO animal rescue or control services to tax payers.  Politician after Politician promises to implement them but sadly they never do...

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We need your help as much as you may need ours. We ARE NOT A SHELTER but a very small network of volunteer fosters. IF YOU CAN FOSTER A CAT WE WILL FIND A HOME. WE DON'T HAVE A BUILDING, WE NEED FOSTER HOMES & DONATIONS TO BE ABLE TO RESCUE CATS. Before OFCR can consider taking in Olmsted Falls cats, you must call mayor Ann Marie Donegan and report the incident and to seek assistance. This is a city wide issue that the city of Olmsted Falls needs to start handling. Ann's number is 440-235-2833.

About us

Rescue Cats Punkin and Simba Playing

In 2009 Brandi Lynn Borgia began rescuing feral cats that were living in her parking lot. When she contacted city officials and learned there were no animal rescue or control services she knew the cats couldn't be left outside to continue mating and suffering.

Olmsted Falls Cat Rescue is NOT A SHELTER. Read more..

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